Hope, Homes
& Healing for
Lady Veterans

Lady Veterans Connect
Emergency Needs

Lady veterans are often referred to LVC for immediate short-term help. Your donations of the following can help assist our women veterans and their children in critical or emergency situation:

  • Gas Cards
  • Grocery Cards (Walmart/Kroger/Meijer)
  • Lextran Bus Passes
  • Monetary Contributions

Please contact Lady Veterans Connect at the following email address for your donations - info@ladyveteransconnect.org

Volunteer Needs

Volunteers are needed for the following events:

  • Week of Valor Nov 4 - 11
  • Veteran's Parade Nov 11

Who can volunteer? Anyone 18 years of age or older. Contact Lady Veterans Connect at the following email address for more information - info@ladyveteransconnect.org


Fighting to end the increasing number of Lady Veterans facing homelessness in America. We are providing a safe space to care for their very specific needs along with their children. We fight for those who have served.

Our Mission

To honor Lady Veterans by providing Hope, Homes, & Healing


All of us have been influenced or impacted by a significant woman in our life. It might have been our mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, aunt or friend. Remember that our female Veterans take these roles on but also they are our protectors and advocates for our rights and Freedom.



  • Women are more than twice as likely to develop PTSD than men?
  • HUD shows female Veterans are 2 to 3 times more likely to be homeless than any other group in the United States adult population?
  • 2.5 million woman have served or are currently serving in our armed forces?
  • 1 in 5 women told the VHA that they have experienced military sexual trauma?
  • Kentucky is home to over 24,000 women Veterans with that number expected to double in the next five years?
  • Nearly 14% of  current homeless adults are Veterans?



  • Connected over 400 Lady Veterans throughout Kentucky.
  • Opened the First Transitional Home for Lady Veterans in Kentucky on July 1.
  • The Thurman-Abbott Transitional Home continues to provide a home for two lady veterans since it opened.
  • Recently purchased a school to provide transitional living for female veterans and their children.
  • Volunteers who have a passion for the mission have volunteered over 22,300 hours.

762 Days
Since opening the Thurman-Abbott Transitional Home for Lady Veterans on 1 July 2016, not one night has gone by without a bed being used by a Lady Veteran in need. 4 Lady Veterans, who otherwise would be homeless, have stayed at the home.

logged to assist Veterans

have been connected to each other and resources.

35 Veterans
Lady Veterans Connect has assisted several Lady Veterans or Veteran's families with financial assistance to prevent homelessness.

From our blog

Honoring 75th Anniversary with Proclamation signed by Governor Bevin

On December 7th, VRUCK (Veteran United Resources of Central Kentucky) honored the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor in Frankfort, KY at the Rotunda. We must never forget those who serve before us!

Fundraising and Painting for Lady Veterans!

On December 2nd, we had a paint party and wow did you show up. We partnered with Military Mission, who send packages to our troops, and we had such a great time. We will be doing again in 2017!

Piper, our Mascot! TRAPP HELPER

Meet Piper, our Mascot and Trapp Elementary Volunteer! Isn’t she the cutest!

Lady Veterans Connect Gets a Hand from Home Depot!

Clark County’s Trapp Elementary School south of Winchester sat vacant for several years, but on Friday it was a bustle of activity as dozens of volunteers mopped and scrubbed, tore out old building materials and replaced ceiling tiles. Lady Veterans Connect is transforming the 22,000-square-foot school building into a home for female veterans and their […]


The women Lady Veterans Connect helped

Butterfly line

The Lady Veterans Connect program at the Thurman-Abbott Home in Lexington, Kentucky, is the cream of the crop and the best of the best for Homeless Lady Veterans. It is the love, listening, and support that requires putting boot to the ground in the worst possible situation and turning into the greatest possible change. It really about having a home, solid grounding to stand once again, that restores your hope in the future quality of life and gives you the time & support to to really heal and become whole once again. This program should be the golden standard for all future homes for Lady Veterans."

Once Homeless Lady Veteran served by Lady Veterans Connect, Destiny

To God be the Glory for all He has done for you. I am so very proud of you and I tell you God planned for us to meet at the V-Wise Chicago conference 2013 no doubt!  I follow you everyday and love what you say and have incorporated it into my life!  I embrace your vision and passion for your dream!! I love you my friend, I love you!!!

Cheryl Wayne, Air Force, Lt Col

Lady Veterans Connect encouraged me and provided me with a safe place to tell my story. It helped me to feel both a self worth and connectedness that I had not felt in a long time. By giving me the opportunity to tell my story, Lady Veterans Connect not only helped me heal, but hopefully helped one of my fellow sister in arms no longer feel like I did for so long- alone.

Megan Karr, US Army & Coast Guard

In my time of need, Lady Veterans Connect was there for me and are a true first class organization. Their passion for serving not only Lady Veterans but for all veterans shows in all they do. I highly recommend this amazing organization.

Marlen Aldrick, US NAVY

I have watched the growth of this organization over the past several years and witnessed so much help given in the Veteran community by this organization. They continue to do amazing work and I know the first organization I will reach out to with any needs as a Lady Veteran.

Sunshine Valentine, US Army, AG Officer

From day one...you have been there to give moral support to encourage me in all I do and for this I am grateful.

Deborah Packard, US Army WAC

During one of the hardest times of my family’s life, I connected with Sherry and Lady Veterans Connect, and I couldn’t be happier! Sherry is such an inspiration to me and has touched our lives. She was able to offer not just her knowledge of the existing community, but offered emotional support which I believe is the key to this organization’s success!

Deanna Notario, US NAVY

What Community Members are Saying

Butterfly line

The following statement was received from Congressman Andy Barr (KY-06)

"I appreciate the dedication and hard work of Sherry, Phyllis, and all of the Lady Veterans Connect team as they work to make life better for Veterans across our district." 

               Congressman Andy Barr (KY-06)

The following is a Letter we received from Donna Mayfield, Kentucky State Representative.

"A Wonderful project in beginning in Clark County, Kentucky. Lady Veterans Connect is in the process of renovating the former Trapp Elementary School to provide this facility for thirty-five lady veterans to assist and support them while they recover. Please consider assisting Lady Veterans Connect in this important project."

Donna Mayfield, Kentucky State Representative